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Originally Posted by Aerchon View Post
Whitney has done this many many many times since the start of the year. People for some reason have not been giving it the attention it is due. Very weak play.

Give me Potter any day over watching Whitney freeze up with the puck in our own end.

S7ark: By my count Whitney making at least 4 mistakes to every one of Potters. And most people complaints about Potter are purely fabricated. Potter has not been directly responcible for a goal against yet this season. Go back and look at video. Questionable positioing maybe but no blown coverage to date so far. The same can not be said of Whitney.

I am not saying Potter has been great. But I think for a depth D-man he has been solid. Watch a few games around the league. There has been some **** poor Defense even from teams like the Rangers. Potter is playing exactly as well as you can expect for his contract and ice time.
Give me Whitney's ability to make a pass over Potter's tendency to just throw it to opposing players.

I disagree with your counting. Unless you are counting times where Potter is horribly out of position leaving Whitney to defend 2 or 3 players as mistakes for Whitney, there is no way Potter is making 4x less mistakes than Whitney. Potter pinches at the wrong times, chases players into the corners at the wrong times, misses easy outlet passes, and isn't even physical to make up for all those shortcomings. He is far and away the worst D in our top 7, imo.

I have no idea how you can say he has been solid. Potter is as far from solid as one can be and I think the poll shows I am not alone in those thoughts.

Edit: Whitney also has 3 points in 7 games this season to Potter's 0 in 4.

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