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02-01-2013, 01:13 PM
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Yea...because Elliott sucks, that's why lol.

The team itself plays better when Buck starts, and do not get me wrong...Elliott may be terrible, but the other two are bad as well.

It's like Canadian politics. There's just no other options out there lol.

QB is a position where you either have enough talent to play it at the pro level, or you don't. Elliott has been in the league now for four years and hasn't managed to play well.

I think it's time to stop defending the guy and find a better option. No amount of stats is going to prove your position of Elliot actually being a good QB option and he just needs more support.

It's up to your QB to throw the ball and make the decisions on the field. It's up to the QB to make sure he does hose things right. He does not so either of those things right. At 27, he's probably not going to get any better...and if he does, I give full permission to mock me unmercifully and say I told you so.

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