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Originally Posted by cishockeyfan View Post
I was thinking about this and the future of the event last night what do they do from here? its never been in the same conference 2 terms in a row, so with that said it comes back to the OUA or AUS but where? I cannot see Fredericton hosting again already, or do they? Would Moncton be interested again? Acadia and St FX are out of the question only cause of Rink Capacity. PEI could be a possibility at either the Civic Centre or Credit Union place in Summerside but I've never heard a whisper of Interest. It seems the most logical place it could go next in the AUS before returning to Fredericton would be Halifax. St Mary's could Host at the Metro Center, or if Dalhousie pulls through the present issue, possibly they could co host the event and rotate the host berth, between the two teams.

In The OUA I don't know what will happen there. Lakehead has had top of the line attendance since they returned to play, but disappointed with attendance hosting the nationals. I don't know what Nippising's Arena is like, but I cant think of any other teams that get half decent support

Other possibilities

Winnipeg - With the team Manitoba has been Icing this decade, I cant see why they could not pull off what Alberta and Saskatchewan have done and thats pack a University Cup final at the large MTS Center and for the host teams games.

UBC - They have the Facilities to use but interest? probably not

Toronto - Varsity Arena is a great Rink for University hockey but no one in Canada's largest city seems to care, I don't know the arena Capacity of the refurbished Maple Leaf Gardens if it was big enough it would be very cool to host the tournament their for Ryerson but Highly Doubtful.

Trois Rivieres - didnt someone say there was a 5000 seat arena in town?

McGill University - at the Molson Center possibly?
When Sask put in their bid there was also a bid from Regina, and possibly Calgary. For Manitoba to have a bid it would need the support of the Jets. Maybe they could offer tickets to the 8,000 people who pay $100 a year to be on the waiting list.

All the CW teams could use the publicity that a national tournament would generate. However, none have demonstrated that they know marketing very well. UBC would have the best facility, having been used in the Olympics.

But it is Ontario's turn. Or maybe the CIS should seize the moment and get MLSE to take charge. [See link from Bison thread:]

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