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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
But to some degree it is true that the Habs had an advantage in finding and signing Quebec based talent, even if it is grossly exaggerated to downplay our success.
This is an article that has disapeered, but some of it was quoted here on HFboards. Found here:

What the NHL's brain trust decided to do was they would attempt to help Montreal's attendance and thereby hopefully their bottom line financially. So they decided that the Montreal Canadiens could take any two players from the province of Quebec in a special draft. There was one rider however. None of these players could have already been previously signed to a C form (confirmation form) with any other club.

Montreal protected 14 players through this special draft. Unfortunately none of them ever played a minute in the NHL. Reason being, anybody who could tie their skates and chew gum at the same time were already long signed by other NHL teams including the Canadiens who certainly wern't going to survive solely with this rule

Selke had a vision about a series of teams in the minor leagues that would be stocked with players that Montreal would sign to C forms. These minor league teams and the players on them were soon to be known as 'a farm system.' This was the origin of the farm system as we know it today.

From 1963-1967 none of the players Montreal selected played one minute in the NHL, ever. Finally in 1968, they drafted their first live one. A goalie named Michel Plasse

Montreal was given one final kick at the French Canadian can and they made the most of it by selecting Rejean Houle and Marc Tardif. That was it for the French rule.
So no, this rule never really helped the Montreal Canadiens.

Also check out this link:

It really wasn't anything special, most teams had a similar opportunity since you had a 50 mile radius to search in your area, just in Montreal, kids played hockey growing up, but they did that in other places also.

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