Thread: Confirmed with Link: No more triple low five
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02-01-2013, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Canadian_Brewtality View Post
Im very neutral to this

some ppl in this post say "its for the fans" lol, get real.

If the habs win, is your happiness augmented by two guys low fiving?

Sure, it was fun, but it was a gimmick, not player's emotion. Its one thing to do it spontaneously, another thing to do it after every win. And like someone else mentioned, last year was so bad, after they lose 5 in a row and win 1 game, should they be celebrating that way?

No other team has two guys singled out celebrating, and its because its a team game.

So no reason to be happy or pissed off about it, if that habs win consistently, no one will miss the low five.
So when players on crappy teams score goals, they shouldn't celebrate because the team is awful?

Does this mean that after a win, the team can't go high-five the goalie because it singles Price out?

It's so ridiculous. Let them do what they want. Like I said, the way management has singled PK and made him look like a fool is ridiculous and bush league. They've really handled this poorly. Either their creating their own negative discourse around PK so it makes it easier to trade him for the fans or MB and MT are idiots

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