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02-01-2013, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Le Magnifique 66 View Post
If available Anthony Mantha should be our target, that kid can ****ing score!!!

I think he was projected 15th by BM earlier this week in the mid season ranking
If the Pens are as successful as we hope this year (going deep in the playoffs and picking late in the 1st round), I don't think he will be available. But definitely, he seems like he would be a great fit. We could finally turn the page on Tangradi (if he doesn't turn things around) and have another power forward for the future.

Originally Posted by Krom View Post
I didn't realize that was 2nd tier. Thanks.

Still, a highly regarded forward prospects with size was available to them and they selected a small defenseman with skill. I'd like to see them take the obvious choice once in a while.

I think we should stop talking about Phillip Forsberg until he becomes a perpetual 40-goal, all-star NHLe and Pouliot is a bust (and neither of those scenarios may happen), because if we are going to play the "going back in time/hindsight" game, we should have picked Jacob Trouba. He has improved his stock more than Forsberg, Pouliot, Dumba, or anyone else taken after him.

It's an exercise in futility doing the hindisght thing, so why don't we all just chill out and wait a few years before making any judgements. If Pouliot becomes the next Campbell or Letang, I will have no problem with that.

Originally Posted by Eyes of Orpik View Post
I was pissed when we picked Morrow over Saad, not now . In 2012, when we made that trade with Carolina and McGuire said "I wouldn't be surprised if they go defense again, they really like Derrick Pouliot" I thought it made sense, then with our 22nd pick, we picked Maatta, wasn't pissed about that pick because he was the best player available.

For me, the Maatta pick was more questionable than the Pouliot pick. I know he was the "highest ranked" Dman on the board when we picked him, but then again, he may have slipped for a reason, and I had (and still have) some concerns about his game.

The two guys I would have considered looking at instead of a Dman were Henrik Samuelsson or Malcolm Subban. The Vokoun signing was fabulous when it happened and has proven to be great now, and I think Fleury still should have his best years ahead of him, and could be our Brodeur or Kiprusoff, meaning he can be an elite goalie and spend most/all of his career with the Pens.

But Subban would have made sense as having a legit blue-chip prospect in goal who could one day step in and perhaps out-perform Fluery if Marc-Andre fails to bring his game to the level of a consistent top-tier goalie night in, night out. Henrik Samuelsson may not have the elite speed we like to play with, but he's got good hands and decent offensive skills to go along with big size & grit, and could become a future Tomas Holmstrom or Claude Lemieux type players for us. I hope Maatta does indeed turn out to be a guy with top-2 or 3 potential (and carry that kind of trade value), otherwise he may not have been the BPA overall, or for our specific needs.

Originally Posted by Eyes of Orpik View Post
But I agree, we do need some forward talent in the 1st round, we have stocked up on so many D prospects. I wouldn't be surprised if we picked another defenseman in the first round if someone like Zadarov drops, because in the NHL, guys take a couple years or more before they start seeing the NHL, so it's not a matter of picking someone to help the team now.

I wouldn't be pissed if we took another defenseman in the 1st round, just confused or disappointed

I would like a winger though, Mantha would be cool but he's ranked 17th according to McKenzie. Max Domi is a center, ranked 18th by Bob McKenzie, maybe he could play wing in the future. Kerby Rychel ranked 23rd by McKenzie.
Originally Posted by Sidney the Kidney View Post
I know people will scream BPA, but I really think at this point we need to take the best forward available when we draft this year. We've already seen with the Strait waiver fiasco that we have too many defense prospects and not enough spots for them, yet at the same time Bennett is our only forward prospect who isn't a long shot.

I think it's time to start filling the forward prospect cupboard as well, and not only with long shots or guys who project to be 3rd or 4th line grinders. Will that happen? Probably not. But I think that's what they need to do, in order to balance out our prospect pool.

Well, as we all know, it's only a matter of time before some of our Dman start going out the door in trades and forwards or picks coming back. If we trade a guy like, say, Martin or Orpik for Setoguchi/Stewart/C. Wilson or another established forward, and/or trade a prospect like Despres/Maatta for one of those forwards mentioned above, a good forward prospect or similar type of deal, we could all of a suddent see our area of greatest depth (defense) start to thin out a bit, while filling our needs up front. If that scenario were to happen, drafting a Dman could make a lot of sense, especially if they were the BPA in the draft and had higher upside than some of our current prospect.

If no such trades are made, however, then I definitely agree with the sentiment that we will need a forward. In this scenario, there will be a lot of interesting players, because there are a lot of good forwards available this year. Domi could be a nice fit (and I think he has the skill/speed/strength & stockiness to translate his game to the pro level), but we would need to think about overall team size, especially because we already have a lot of small guys. A guy like Rychel could be a perfect sniper to play with one of our centres.

Whatever happens this year, it will be interesting -- unless we do what we did in 2003 and draft Ryan Ston, Filewich & others in the 2nd/3rd rounds, because we should be able to find some really good. Hopefully this year we'll do it right, and find our Loui Eriksson, Patrice Bergeron or David Backes in the 2nd round of this draft, the best since 2003. Though if we end up with the next Shea Weber by drafting a Dman with the 2nd pick, I won't complain about that either.

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