Thread: Confirmed with Link: No more triple low five
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02-01-2013, 01:45 PM
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Gotta feel bad for Subban

I really don't think he is a bad teammate, or bad locker room guy. I just think some there is some sort of envy from the other guys in the locker room, not sure if that is the right word, but like it must be annoying for the other players to be asked questions about Subban all the time, even though its not really Subban fault.

I mean the fans were chanting his name during his first game, how is that his fault.

I really blame the media, they just make things bigger than it is, specially with Subban.

I really don't think the guys have an issue with him, but issue when they gotta talk about him all the time.

I don't understand the point of MT doing this, but if he told Subban maybe to try to stay out of the lime light a little I would understand, but like Gill said, stop trying to fix the guy personality. If he can play he can play. JM IMO handled him perfectly, when he starting getting lousy and making the same mistakes over and over again, he sat him, but JM played him, almost 30M a game during the playoffs and he let him do his thing.

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