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02-01-2013, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by CrAzYNiNe View Post
See this is where I get lost. You say the Habs and Leafs had the advantage, but what advantage did the leafs have not winning since 67?

You seem to understand that the advantage is there simply due to numbers and potentially competition. Most people think Lafleur was drafted with one of these picks. A lot of people are under the impression that our success is DUE to this. Our success was due to having great management, this was maybe a minor boost. I don't think that the habs lose any cups if they never had this rule.
Like I said, it was all about intelligent management, and that's why attempts to cheapen our success are undeserved, but at the same time it is true that we can't replicate the 70s Habs the way I always hear calls for.

The difference between the Habs and the Leafs after 67 is that the Habs were smart enough to adapt, the Leafs were not.

But a lot of what made the Habs ahead of the curve in the 70's just isn't possible today. Teams couldn't afford to have a legion of around the clock, highly paid scouts everywhere in the world the way they do today, and technology wasn't the same. So geography still mattered in the 70s, giving us an advantage when it comes to Quebec. Like I said, a foundation of the Habs 70's dynasty was actually closer to the Red Wings of the 90s and their European scouting than it was to some unfair rule.

So yes, when other fan bases try to downplay the Canadiens success with myths like that, it's not even worth responding to. But to say the Habs had no historical advantage when it comes to Quebec based players isn't true either.

Pretty much every all time great team had something to push them over the edge that can't be replicated. The Leafs and Habs of the original 6 era had talent pools in their backyards. The Habs of the 70's pioneered scouting and development. The Isles and Oilers in the 80's were expansion teams that sucked long enough to build through the draft. The Red Wings of the 90's were the first to realize how to best use underscouted European talent, and to bring Soviet style puck possession to North American ice. The Avs of the 90's inherited a tank-built Quebec powerhouse, the Devils of the 90's brought back the trap the 70's Habs invented, and so on.

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