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Sitwell Enterprises II Trade Block/Lineup Thread


-No trade can involve more than 4 Roster Players (combined from both teams)
-No trade can involve more than 6 total pieces (combined from both teams)

-GMs are allowed Two Trades Per Season. The specific Injury, Offseason, Regular Season, and Deadline moves have all been removed. Yes, even the Injury Trade. These two trades can be used at any time from Day 1 of the Offseason until the Trade Deadline.

This is the rule that both directly and indirectly separates this league from the rest. Trades are supposed to be a big deal. A trade is the literal removal of assets from your team in place of other assets in order to make the team better. Its not something that real GMs take lightly. The success of their team and their jobs depend on how well their decisions pan out. One of the major reasons so many other leagues unfortunately dont work out is because people get so excited about making trades that they forget their team needs, how close their team is to a cup, how these deals will impact their present and future. This isn't the case in Sitwell Enterprises because of the above mentioned rules. GMs will have had two seasons to shape their team, to manage their cap, and plan for a Cup run or Rebuild.

Franchise Player Rule:

In his first two seasons of Bluth Fuss was eager to have an active and fun league. His eagerness made me be a little too flexible with who was traded. There were over 20 big name players traded in two seasons. This is NOT realistic. In the NHL, GMs try and build a core of players that can win them games and championships. They dont just swap out star players every year and hope that it works. This is what i want the Franchise Player Rule to accomplish. It will force GMs to establish a core of players and use them for many seasons.

-Each team will have 3 Franchise Players and 1 Franchise Prospect
(if you feel you truly dont have 3 players and 1 prospect worthy of the tag then speak to me)

-No player/prospect on this list can be traded for 3 seasons
(any ammendments to a GM's list must be approved by myself)

*The ONLY Exceptions...

1) If a Franchise player is 37 years or older.
2) If a Franchise player is a pending UFA, not an RFA however

Flipping Players:

Any player acquired via trade can not be traded for 3 seasons AFTER they are acquired.

(Only exception to this rule is if they are a pending UFA, not RFA)

This rule, like the Franchise player rule, is meant to give teams an identity. Its also meant to force GMs to make smarter trades. No GM flips players from year to year. This rule is meant to simulate that.


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