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02-01-2013, 01:53 PM
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It's way too premature to start talking **** about Calgary. Once we become a consistnet playoff team then we can talk all the smack we want.

That being said I do love to talk smack about Calgary so I will bite.

I agree that them going down the toilet this year would be bad as an Oiler fan. The reason I think this is because if they do tank this year it could open them to a solid start for a full rebuild similar to the Oilers.

Calgary tanks.

They trade Kipper asap and get a decent pick and/or prospect. The draft is deep this year.

They trade Iginla asap and get a very good pick and a prospect. The draft is deep this year. And they probably can resign him to finish his career in Calgary after trading him.

Roman Cervenka adjusts to the NHL hockey and sticks around long term.

Sven develops well into a true first liner. 5 years will be in his prime.

Basicaly if Calgary gets one of the bottom 2 picks they are laughing. If they manage to get another pick in the top 15 they are laughing. Some of thier prospects and young players are looking better than expected. Some solid drafting, a few lucky prospects, keep and develope thier young talent at the moment... and in 5 years they could have a solid team always in the hunt for the play offs.

Calgary misses playoffs by a small margin again and none of that happens and they consistantly get worse from now untill the next lockout.

It's funny. All the Calgary fans I know want thier team to tank. Are sick of Iggy and Kipper and want to watch some exciting hockey. I am blown away by how many Calgary fans want Kipper done. IMO he is the main reason why Calgary hasn't been a bottom feeder for years.

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