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02-01-2013, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by RayP View Post
Quebec City and Seattle are the only realistic destinations right now, IMO.

Markham has a population that barely cracks 300K, so how realistic is that for a team? They're 20 miles from Toronto, so not sure where they'd build a new fan base around. Hamilton would be more realistic, but I even think that would be a mistake.

Even Winnipeg has 730K. I don't see that working at all. Not sure KC + Overland Park are big enough for a successful hockey franchise, with how popular the Thunder are there. You also have the Royal and Chiefs, obviously. KC/OP big enough to keep 4 professional sports? My guess would be no, and that they're better suited for a minor league team.
That's why I listed Quebec City and Seattle first. Markham could very easily support a team. 75 percent of Leafs tickets go to STHs. So, with that said, since it's still only 20 miles away, hockey fans will flock to watch hockey. It would work. Kansas City is by far the biggest risk, so I listed it fourth.

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