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02-01-2013, 02:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
But his consistent team approach has given off the impression that PK isn't a team player when he gets constantly singled out by management. This gives the media a story to run with and cause chaos around the team. It's just stupid.
i agree with you for the most part...

but if this is done out of an attempt to lower his "value" to the fans to prepare for an eventual trade, don't you think that would equally lower his value in that regard?

I think it's more just an ego thing on their part (MT/MB). Subban clearly does have a big personality, and MB/MT seem dead set on building the team identity that they want for this organization.

I think Subban will fall in line & that they are underestimating how much he actually does value some of the same things they want to instill in the team. I wonder how much work they did to actually get to know the guy, and how much they've just relied on their own sources...

if they do end up alienating him (and i agree with you that, strong contract stance or not, they've pretty much done everything possible to show their complete lack of appreciation for him as a talented member of their team), it will have been a massive misjudgment on their part, and he'll be just another in a long line of talented athletes we had & then got forced to watch prosper elsewhere.

on the flip side, if they manage to not screw this up, i do like the overall tone they are setting for the team. most strong franchises do have a pretty clear identity that is imposed top-down and that players either buy-in to or get moved.

these guys just need to look beyond skin-deep and realize that this Kid is exactly the kind of talent they need to build a succesfull version of the "team-first" identity they want to build.

on a related note, what do you think therrien's reaction to Subban would be if he made the kind of decisions Markov did vs. the devils the other night...

pinches in aggressively, late in a tie game (or was it already OT), gets caught deep, Devils get a 3-1 from it, Kovalchuk hits the post...

Markov then makes the same play a few minutes later (not getting benched for the first "mistake"), which then results in the game winning goal.

will MT treat Subban with that kind of decision-making freedom, or will he sit him and accuse him of not being a team player for being that aggressive?

That kind of double standard, if it happens, will quickly turn this situation even uglier, cuz i don't see Subban "buying-in" to the notion that he has to be held to a different standard.

i hope MT is smarter than that...

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