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Originally Posted by s7ark View Post
Give me Whitney's ability to make a pass over Potter's tendency to just throw it to opposing players.

I disagree with your counting. Unless you are counting times where Potter is horribly out of position leaving Whitney to defend 2 or 3 players as mistakes for Whitney, there is no way Potter is making 4x less mistakes than Whitney. Potter pinches at the wrong times, chases players into the corners at the wrong times, misses easy outlet passes, and isn't even physical to make up for all those shortcomings. He is far and away the worst D in our top 7, imo.

I have no idea how you can say he has been solid. Potter is as far from solid as one can be and I think the poll shows I am not alone in those thoughts.

Edit: Whitney also has 3 points in 7 games this season to Potter's 0 in 4.
I don't know if there is any point in argueing with you. You have fabricated a swack of situations where Potter was completly "out of position".

Whitney has turtled in his own end at least 6 times this years already. Coughed up the puck numerous times in both ends of the ice and was the prime reason for at least 2 goals against.

Whitney's passing is good typicaly. And most definatly better than Potter's. But positioning, skating, and physical play are the things desperatly needed for a D-man. Whitney has been **** in those areas.

The funniest thing is pointing to Whitney's points as something note worthy. Potter doesn't get any PP time, which is where whitney has gotten all his second assist points. It's even funnier because Whitney has had a hell of a time trying to keep the puck in the zone while he is out there, cause the guy can't move anything below the knee.

And when I say Potter has played solid. I mean he has played solid for a #6 D-man who makes practicaly nothing. Compared to Whitney who at the moment does't look good enough to be in the NHL.

And Whitney not Potter was the one who put the puck on the sharks tape last night.

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