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02-01-2013, 02:29 PM
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Originally Posted by BSHH View Post
As of now, Dortmund is 12 points and 18 goals behind Munich and even behind ever-boring Bayer Leverkusen with its mediocre roster and absolute beginners-coaching team. Although Munich wasted € 40m for a completely expendable Martinez, they will still be able to invest much more than Dortmund, who will have to pay a decent transfer fee in order to avoid (equally expendable) Sahin leaving.

Dortmund had two miraculous seasons, which will be extremely difficult to repeat. Klopp still is a brilliant coach, but his methods wore off a little bit in Mainz after the success. Do you really expect this team, which has embarassed themselves in the European Cup until this season, to compete for the CL title within the next years?

*shrug* I think they're one of the favorites this year. They were the most impressive team of the group stages and with the transfer of Willian have a very manageable first round draw to keep their momentum going in europe.

As for the BL they were sloppy and distracted early in the year, but got things together and have been scary good to start the ruckrunde while Bayern look like they're lethargically starting their annual post winter slump. Assuming they can replace Lewa, the progression of their young stars, Reus, Gotze, Gundogan and Hummels, and some improved depth should keep them neck and neck with Bayern.

And Leverkusen have been very tough this year, no need to **** on them. They're defending extremely well this year, Bender and co are bossing the midfield and the forward line of Schurrle-Keissling-Castro has been very good. They're not on Bayern or Dortmund's level, but they had an excellent first half of the season.

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