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Originally Posted by EspenK View Post
Yakupov with 4 goals so far. To not have drafted him #1 (as it was indicated we wouldn't have) would have ranked with Zherdev & Filatov as the biggest draft mistakes.
Originally Posted by bizzz View Post
Your logical reasoning is killing me. You mention Yakupov's 4 goals in 7 games as a reason that he is a "can't miss" prospect and then mention Filatov and Zherdev as mistakes.

But... but...
Filatov had 4 goals after just 6 NHL games!
And Zherdev... Zherdev also had 4 points in his first 6 NHL games.
Even Gilbert Brule scored 4 points in his first 6 NHL games.

And they didn't have a bunch of 1st overall picks setting them up on power-play (3 of 4 goals Yak scored on the PP).

HOW do you know that Yakupov already has proved anything? And I like Yak more than 90% of posters on these boards... But your reasoning and conclusion are just completely ignorant. Someone forgot January 2009 and posts like this:
Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post

You get a cookie.

As a followup to the point: I get similar impressions ("4 goals in 6? Damn, he'd be nice to have about now") all the damn time, and I suspect the same is true of other Positivity Police. The difference isn't whether or not that sort of thing comes to mind, but whether or not it's taken seriously enough to be brought up as a legit topic of discussion.

To say "damnit, that's frustrating, wish he could have scored that for us" is fine. That's just simple commiseration. We all do it. Hell, following this team, we all need it. To come to the conclusion that that's what we should have done and that it would have been a major strategic mistake to do otherwise is going over the top.
okay let me explain since you obviously missed the point- what i said was that NOT DRAFTING Yak IF we had the chance would have been a mistake as big as drafting Z & Filatov.

See not drafting a guy who I think will be a star is as bad as drafting the two bums.

Hopefully you now understand. If you disagree fine but at least disagree with the correct concept.

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