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02-01-2013, 04:14 PM
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I was at the game last night.

It's not a confidence issue. Or a comfort issue.

In the warm ups he was singing along to the pre-game music, interacting with fans, doing some crazy stick skills, and at one point nailed the puck onto the post of the far side from behind his own one.

The issue is he just looks so unmotivated.

Was interesting comparing the contrast between 2 struggling stars last night. Kessel worked SO hard, and when he came off a shift where they didn't create anything, he looked so frustrated. Banging his stick on the ice, tapping his stick on his shin a few times in frustration, and then having a bit of a go at Liles for poor execution on the 5 on 3.

On the other hand, Ovechkin just seemed so nonchalent. Almost like he... doesn't care...?

Big money. Hot fiance. Marketable name. Large fan-base. He's "made it". He's got nothing to prove and he's playing like it

Originally Posted by Ovechkins Wodka View Post
After watching Ovechkin stake laps around the leafs im convinced he has not lost anything and just doesnt care about the NHL and making the league and ted money. Durning the lockout the NHL wanted to take away Ovechkins money and lower his salary and Ted wanted out of his contract. So why would Alex want to give his heart and body to the NHL and Ted when they wont stand by him and treat him like a piece of meat durning the lockout. Maybe if Ted and the league werent so greedy and treated the NHL like a ATM not caring about shutting down seasons maybe Hockey players would still put their heart into the games.
There are 29 other teams in the NHL who were also locked out.

There are 29 other teams who have showed heart this season.

There are a few players who wear the Capitals jersey for a living, that are also showing heart. I thought Johansson worked his socks off last night. I thought Alzer did too.

That whole "heart" plus "blame the lockout" excuse is amongst the most ridiculous, most irrational things I've heard in response to Ovechkin's struggles.

It's also worth noting that Ovie was struggling post lockout too. Not sure how that fits into your theory.

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