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02-01-2013, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
Gotta say I really appreciate the Thrash contingent here. I was just wondering whether or not it was time for my semiregular "you spoiled kids know nothing of true suffering" rant.

Bad seasons happen to good teams. It'll get better.
Just wanted to make sure my post isnít misunderstood- I wasnít trying to say that the Preds and Thrashers are in any way similar franchises. The Predators franchise is what the Thrashers SHOULD HAVE BEEN if it had been run correctly.

Also was not trying to act like I was lecturing Preds fans about being spoiled- I am one of you now so I would just be lecturing myself because I am just as frustrated as everyone else.

Just trying to point out the extremes between the two from Thrashers fans perspective- we went from great offense/no defense to just the opposite this year.

I guess its way past time to let go of the bitterness about the Thrashers situation, and how the fan base was completely screwed over, but it is very hard.

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