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Originally Posted by WhaleSoundTigers View Post
Was kicking the tires on going to a Devils game later this season. Never been to the Rock before.

Just wondering if anyone had any information they can share about getting autographs.

Where to go for Devils / visitors at the arena, where visitors stay, etc

Thank you
Devils - Lafayette Street side of the building. There is a driveway in between the pru center and the parking garage. There are barricades set up for you to stand behind. Players will drive up and sign if they feel up to it.

Visitors is on the opposite side of the arena at Edison Place. Follow along the building till you see some steps that lead up to a barricade ( you will be at the other end of that driveway for the Devils side) Players have to walk by you in order to get into the arena so it is a great spot. Some advise from previous experience :

- Players must be at the arena 2 hours before puck drop, so if game is at 7, be there by 430ish. I find going at this time is a lot better than after the games. A LOT let people usually ( like a dozen or so) and a lot less hectic for the players. Better shot at getting the superstars this way

- After the game, player usually start heading to the bus about 30-45 mins after. Usually gets very crowded after the games, so get their early or run really fast after the game. If it is a big name team you are looking for (NYR, PIT, Montreal, ect) leave the game early to head down there.

- After the game players have to be scanned by TSA if they are heading to the airport right away, so by law, they are told not to touch anything or anyone after they are scanned, and they are usually scanned before they come out (depends on the TSA agent, some are cool about it and do it outside after the autograph line) So most of the time guys just walk right by.

I just found that going before the game and catching the bus as it arrives made it easier. If the other team loss too they usually weren't very eager to sign autographs.

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