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02-01-2013, 03:26 PM
Jules Winnfield
Top 6 wing please...
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I think Ovy can still bring the pain but it's not an easy solution. He has a lot of **** working against him.

1) The last few coaches seem hell bent on making an offensive player turn into Bob Gainey or they start benching him or play him with 4th liners. Thus the once excited Ovechkin we used to see going nuts when he scored now looks disinterested at times.

2) Leonsis and McPhee succumbed to media pressure about the questions about the Caps defense and playoff record. The best I've seen the Caps recently was in 2009 where they lost against the Pens. I place that loss on McPhee more than anyone. If he had the balls to acquire Pronger instead, the Caps win the cup that year instead of the Pens IMO (Crosby does not score 8 goals in that series). Leonsis is a meddling owner that for right or wrong should not be making comments about players on his blog. He strikes me as the owner when the times are going right, he's gloating and everything is great but when times go bad, it's someone else's fault (i.e. Ovy's). McPhee needs to quit being so timid about stockpiling young talent and realize when you have guys like Ovy, Backstrom, Semin, Green, etc you have a limited window to win because of free agency, injuries, etc. The Caps players are the kind of guys best used in a run and gun system and not winning games 2-1. It's like fitting a square peg in a round hole.

3) Some of this falls on Ovy himself. The guy can obviously still play judging by his production in the KHL and how he lit it up at the end of the season last year. I've mentioned it before, but when Jagr started losing his speed and acceleration, he developed other areas in his game and evolved. He learned how to use his body, strength, and the boards more in the offensive zone instead of blowing by people. Once he learned how to evolve his game, he became a productive player again.

4) Backstrom needs to pick his game up to where he used to be. Ovy still should be producing more and looking like a different player but it doesn't help when your top center isn't playing like one. When Backstrom is on his game, you can't just commit to double teaming one player or the other since you will get burned. If Backstrom is off or you play Ovy on the 4th line, who else do you think the other team will key on?

There are several other points I could throw in here as well but all I'm saying is, it's not an optimal situation for Ovy right now to have expectations to excel like he used to. McPhee and Leonsis really ****ed this team after the Montreal series.

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