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Originally Posted by CarvinSigX View Post
Wait...You're basing part of your opinion on a kid choosing to stay in college?
Yeah, all decisoins have consequences. Ian Cole has a long life to live and for his life he made the smart choice to stay in school, however for his hockey career the decision has been questionable. How much more could he have developed hockey wise if he would have followed the Blues advice and come out of school and gone to the AHL. He could have always go back and finished his degree, but he wanted a guarenteed NHL spot, and the Blues rightfully so said no. I am not attacking his life decisions, however all decisions have consequences. Just like how EJ made a bad hockey decision by playing golf cart polo. No one knows how much better he could have been with out that decision.

I feel this topic is taking away from the GDT. So if you want to discuss it further lets do it by PM. In the mean time like i always say if cole proves me wrong (which there is a good chance of that) i will definetly come here and take my lumps from you guys. After all we all just hockey fans discussing hockey and its players and there is no personal dislike for ian cole.


Cole scores and i eat crow!!

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