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02-01-2013, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by jmeehan1985 View Post
I read all the comments from all the fans from Buffalo and other teams and from one game seemed like Buffalo won the cup last night. It's a long season and we play them another 6 or 7 times and by seasons end I'm sure we will be at the top of the division again.


If you travel to the Marchand thread, the Hamilton thread, the Thornton thread, jack Edwards threads its all filled with fan bases that hate the bruins.

Do you know why they hate the bruins? Because the bruins at one point or another have completely embarrassed them. Perhaps with an epic trade, or a playoff upset, or our power forward destroying their "tough guy" Dman's career, or outlasting them in the cup finals.

They all have an axe to grind and I for one ABSOLUTELY love their hate. We earned it, rejoice, and hope that there is plenty more "earning" going on.

When a bruins thread goes up and the first 5-6 responses are bitter fans who have been seething at the opportunity to be happy at the bruins expense for years I can't help but chuckle at their "release".

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