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02-01-2013, 03:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Bluesman91 View Post
I look at Cole as an AHL player (for now at least). I've said it for years now, I don't see much in him at all. Lol keep bringing up the ONE game he played like an NHL caliber defenseman. He hasn't been that bad this year but again nothing great.

An actually there is an argument for him getting a spot on this team. What has he done? If he warranted a spot I'm sure Hitch would have give him a permanent spot, but you know what? He hasn't which is why he is in the pressbox.

His defensive game right now is far from superior to Russell's. It will be better but that is because of the ype of game they play. Russell can pick pucks from board battles really well and his puck moving abilities far surpass Ian "No look pass" Cole. Russell is a clear cut better player than Cole, if it weren't, Hitch would made it be heard.

I never said Russell was anything more than a 3rd pairing defenseman, but you make it sound like he deserves to be a 1st or 2nd line defenseman and take control of that defensive pairing. So Russell may be undersized and an average defender but you could say the same about Sobotka. Russell may be small but he throws his body around more than you think.

I'm not sure what your man crush with Cole is, but not every player can be as good as their hype. Cole will be an average defenseman in his career. I see him having a Jackman type career, which isn't bad, but it isn't what most people are looking for out of him.
I really hate when people do this, but this post certainly warrants it: Have you actually watched the games? This is an honest question, because your portrayal of Russell and Cole's game thus far is quite far from reality. Cole has been unbelievably steady this season, something that certainly can't be said of Russell. He has not made a decision that cost the team a goal this season, something else than cannot be said of Russell. Cole has played circles around Russell this season. When Russell is not on his game, as has been the case the last few games, it's tough to watch. He has literally nothing to fall back on if he can't pick pucks out of the corner or make a good pass up the ice. That's his whole game. Cole, at the very least, will always bring a physical presence to the game. Russell throws his body around a little against smaller forwards, but Cole is strong enough to take on just about anyone in a battle. I really don't understand the Cole hate this season. Last season is was warranted at times, but I cannot honestly grasp how anyone could think Russell has been the better of the two this season. Or how it could even be considered close. Russell needs to be in the press box for a few games.

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