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Originally Posted by trevorftw View Post
I think some posters may be projecting fans opinions of cole as cole's personality.

It's hard to tell with cole. His issue is consistency. He could be a top 4 for sure, but wether or not he's going to give a better performance than Redden (or Russel for that matter) depends on something that we can't predict. Leave it up to the coaches, right? I don't think it has anything to do with Russell's relationship with Hitch, or we'd have seen him paired with Pietrangelo over Cole and Redden.
My analysis of Cole has nothing to do with his personality. In fact I think he's a pretty funny and cool guy judging by his tweets and interview snippets. I base my analysis off of what I have seen from Cole.

Originally Posted by frostyflo View Post
oh look, Cole-haters are back!
saying he can't replace Russell on the 3rd pairing coz he is nothing more than a 3rd pairing D-man? alright!
bashing him for a decision long time ago because of developement and now 5 1/2 yrs later you guys saying he hasn't developed enough to be an NHL defender? ok.

hate as much as you want, he played fine on the 1st pairing, silly to think he couldn't play good enough for the 3rd...even if I have to admit that I don't really like to see him paired with Polak

lurking the wings GDT and it seems they fell in love with this Tootoo guy.
wasn't is some kind of a motto for them not to need fighters like him over the last few years?
anyway, they think he should drop em as soon as the puck is on the ice to send a message and I agree with them. Reaves needs to go right after him to make some statement aswell.

i see a pretty close one, could end in a loss but as long as the good guys stay focused we still have the better team and should bring it home.

Now you are just putting words in my mouth. On this team especially just because you play one line doesn't mean that's where you deserve to be on a traditional hockey team. Cole plays 1st line because Pietrangelo is good enough to pick up the slack, the worst defenseman will always play with Pietrangelo.

I never said he couldn't replace Russell on the 3rd pairing, what I was saying it is unlikely in terms of team make-up, experience, and the type of game they play.

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