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Originally Posted by Jame View Post
I think there is a huge difference between the two.

So, wouldn't a 10 mil cap hit screw over the Sabres too? Is your suggestion to risk screwing over our own cap, to screw over another team?

Building a contender is about a lot more than points. I would trade anyone if I felt it served the purpose of building said contender.

I've suggested blowing up the Rochester core for years... and Vanek/Pommer were always the last of those pieces I wanted to move.

If the Sabres were going to embrace a full rebuild, putting Vanek on the market would most certainly be an option.

Or we could continue building around those players (Calgary/Iginla)
Don't get the Calgary comparison, or the merits of trading every good player on the team over 25.

You could just as easily compare Buffalo to Tampa. Instead of selling off St. Louis and Lecavalier when they were in the basement, they added to their key veterans with young players. They're starting to look pretty good.

Trading Vanek and Pominville sets the Sabres back half a decade. They both should have at least 5 years left in their prime.

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