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Originally Posted by NickyFotiu View Post
If Torts refuses to trust him that is on Torts because Zooks never gave a reason not to be trusted. Zooks was never a minus player and he never shied away from contact. People that say he sucked on defense or was not tough enough either did not watch him play or were never willing to give him a chance because that was just not the reality. In fact he back checked as much or more than any forward on the team. What season was Zooks a minus player in the NHL or the AHL.

I have read the rule book backwards and forwards. I have never seen a rule that says half the forwards on the team have to be no skill grinders with no creativity. Zooks put up half a point per game playing mostly on the 3rd and 4th lines. How is having guys that score 5-15 points a season or who are not even forwards better playing for a team than a guy that actually produced? People say this stuff on one hand then complain when we cant score enough goals.
If theres one thing I've learned on hfboards, its that its impossible to argue with somebody who truly believes what they are seeing - even if it spits in the face of all roads leading to the truth.

You believe MZA possesses an all-around game capable of consistent NHL minutes. Thats nice, and thats your right. The Rangers coaching staff, who know a lot more than you, don't feel that way. A lot of people on this board, most of whom's opinions I respect, don't feel that way. So is it maybe, just maybe, possible that what you're seeing and believing just isn't the truth?

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