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Originally Posted by Charon View Post
I'm a Habs fan, but I live in Edmonton. So, naturally, I've seen pretty much every game from both teams so far this season. If I were to document my observations this early in the season for the purpose of comparing Galchenyuk and Yakupov, it would look something like this:

- Yakupov is faster and is a better skater overall. No doubt about it. Galchenyuk's skating strength is in his agility and shiftiness, but he is certainly fast enough for the NHL.
- Yakupov plays more physical - he hits more and is somewhat more involved on the boards battling for loose pucks.
- Galchenyuk demonstrates better positional play in his defensive zone, and he doesn't give the puck away as often as Yakupov.
- Both players seem to have very good shots. Yakupov's shot appears to have more velocity to it, but Galchenyuk's release is very quick and often deceptive.
- Yakupov seems to know how to get into an open position in the offensive zone to get a good scoring chance. He's obviously a sniper. Galchenyuk has been struggling to find those positions to score from.
- Galchenyuk seems to have a better vision for finding passing lanes to his teammates in the offensive zone. He seems to have more natural playmaking ability than Yakupov.
- Both players have impressive stickhandling ability. Couldn't say who's "better".
- I wouldn't say I'm terribly impressed by either player showing that they can consistently "make something out of nothing" like most great players. But, of course, they're both very young and learning to play in the big league.

Both of these young men are going to be very good players in a short period of time.

Just my two cents that seemed fit for the topic of this thread.
I doubt that either player will one day be considered a much better player than the other, both teams got a great player..from what I've seen Yakupov has more of that dynamic first overall quality..Galchenyuk will probably put up just as many points in the NHL in the long term though..him being a center makes him extremely valuable..but Yak being a sniper with an unbelievable shot makes him just as valuable..

One thing I love about Yakupov is how quick he moves the puck..his passes are fast, crisp...and he doesn't wait forever to pass the puck like hemsky, Yakupov knows what he wants to do with the puck before he has it...

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