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Originally Posted by PensFanSince1989 View Post
This thread is full of over reactions/the usual suspects that were just waiting to pounce. Fleury has played 4 games, he's had 1 poor one, and that game he simy played down to the level as the rest of the team. Both Fleury's wins have been more impressive than bothy Vokoun's wins, despite Vokoun's shutout. Vokoun is a solid goalie and I'm glad we have him to push Fleury and step in when needed. However, I have a feeling many in this thread clamouring for him to start are the same ones yelling we would never win a cup with Fleury before '09, saying we should trade Fleury and make Conklin the number 1 in '08, trade Fleury and make Johnson the #1 in October 2010.

I for the most part support Fleury, won't hide that but will say I am somewhat disappointed that be hasn't take. It to the next level in terms of his consistency. But at the same time, no goalie is going to have gaudy numbers playing for the Penguins over the past few seasons. They aren't a goalie stat friendly team. And people have to stop trying to find a scapegoat, whether it was Whitney back in the day, Staal prior to the trade, Fleury, Martin, etc.
I agree that everyone over-reacts to some degree, it's kinda the nature of boards in general. and it's only 4 games each into the season..

We finally have a legit starting level quality goal tender to back Fleury up. IF Fleury's stats are simply a product of the penguins system, and I have argued similar arguments in the past, However, I'm starting to get off that train watching the difference in how the team plays in front of Vokoun, we'll see if that trend continues.

Thus far 4 games each, Fleury save % is 89, Vokoun's is 94% To small a sample size to draw a conclusion. However it does feed the pitchfork crowd rather well.

But in my head it will put the argument to rest at the end of the season comparing Vokoun's stats and Fleury's. I have defended Fleury in the past, and I still think that the Tampa series was not his fault, but you can't argue if one goalie plays significantly better behind the same set of players.

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