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02-01-2013, 05:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Jame View Post
Was there a noticeable change in Vanek's production when Roy got injured in 2010-11?

Was there a noticeable change in Vanek's production when he was moved off Roy's line in 2011-2012?

Vanek is a better player when the offense flows through him. When he possess the puck more in transition. Simply, when he is the puck dominant player on his line. The evidence is overwhelming

The people who think that Ennis/Vanek is a good idea only understand hockey on paper.

Players like Ennis and Roy (yes they are similar players who thrive with the puck on their stick, and using their skating to attack transitionally) are a TERRIBLE fit for Vanek, and players like Vanek.

That's what makes Ennis successful with bigger bodies and guys who can work in traffic, and create space (Foligno, Staff)

You would think Ennis/Vanek was a good idea if they were only names and stats on a piece of paper
This so many times. If you pay attention, you'll see everyone from fans to analysts describe Vanek's passing and playmaking skills as "surprisingly good" and "better than you might think." Granted, this is partially because he initially made his name as a sniper/goal scorer, but also because he played with Roy for a long time.

The dude is our best playmaker right now. Beastly. The question is, as always, can he stay healthy enough to help us win? The NESN broadcast guys even said it last night: if Vanek didn't get injured in that playoff series a few years back, things might have gone very differently.

I think him carrying the offense will help that, actually. He'll always take some abuse on power plays, simply because we don't have anyone else who can tip/redirect shots like he can, but he looks way better creating during even strength play than standing in front of the net waiting for (insert Roy-ish player here) to get him the puck.

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