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Originally Posted by AJGass4 View Post
Hemsky is Hemsky, if he is good enough to get young talent in return, why would we trade him? For whatever reason, the Oilers seem to love the guy and decided it was more beneficial to keep him, rather than trade him for probably nothing much.
Hemsky is an excellent example of why Tambellini is such a shoddy GM. Hemsky's not in the long term plans of the Oilers, at least he shouldn't be. He's a redundant asset, what with Eberle, Hall and Yakupov. The money spent on him would be much better spent on a legit top-four defensemen.

And I'm pretty sure the Oilers brass recognize this. A couple of years ago, before Hemsky signed his most recent 2yr extension and still had a couple of years left on his old contract at 4M per, it was reported that Poile of the Preds offered Blum and 1st round pick at the trade deadline. Tambellini refused, thinking he could get more later on.

Fast forward to last year's trade deadline when Hemsky was being shopped aggressively. Except now, it was painfully obvious that he had character issues, was incredibly injury prone and was just a an overall massive risk. No one was offering more than I believe a 2nd or 3rd round pick. But Tambellini still went to Poile and asked for Blum and 1st. He was of course, rebuffed, and most likely laughed at.

So now, he could either take scraps, let Hemsky walk in July, or re-sign him. Given those options, the only logical choice was to re-sign him and hope his trade value improves and that he stay healthy for once. If Tambellini has shown anything as GM of the Oilers, it's that not only is he overly cautious when it comes to making moves to improve his club, but that he is also horrible at reading the market. Khabibulin's contract and trading Visnovsky for Whitney are just some examples of his fine work.

As for Smyth, I highly doubt we could have gotten much more for him.
Smyth got a great return at time. A first round pick, Nilsson, who was still highly regarded, and Ryan O'Marra, also a fairly respected prospect. It was essentially 3 first round picks for Smyth.

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