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02-01-2013, 05:12 PM
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Originally Posted by JoemAvs View Post

That is a bunch of expendable pieces + 2nd from the Leafs in exchange for filling the biggest need of the whole Leafs organisation besides goaltending.

Stazz contract is not great but if a team can afford it , it is the Leafs.

Meanwhile in Denver, Greg Sherman just felt a shudder.

If he did even think about making this trade he should be fired on the spot and banned from Denver.
Here's my honest question for Avs fans....

We see other teams fans propose 2 or 3 pieces for Stastny, and it's generally well recieved. But when the Leafs do so, the very notion is instantly rejected. A double-standard is certainly being applied here.

Yes, those pieces may be expendable by the Leafs (I'd argue otherwise, but that's another topic). Yes, Stastny might fill the biggest hole in our lineup, but neither of those considerations have any impact on the Colorado Avalanche. When trading, or specifically, shopping a player like Stastny, you worry about your needs, and what teams as a collective are prepared to give up for him. The considerations for the Avs are, what Stastny does for the team going forward, what the players you'd recieve for Stastny do for the team going forward, and what the players you could recieve for Stastny (in an alternative deal) do for the team going forward.

Of course, there's a case to be made that the desired piece from Toronto would be Phaneuf, but that's just not going to happen. If Calgary was prepared to offer Bouwmeester, that would probably make more sense than any other deal if the Avs are ok with trading him for an older player who has basically the exact same contract remaining.

However, as we get closer to that contract's expiry, it's going to become increasingly difficult to get immediate help, as he becomes more of a rental. If the Avs don't intend to extend his contract, then they'd certainly be in their best interest trading him while another team can be confident in their ability to build up a "hometown comfort level" -- i.e. not at next year's deadline, assuming of course that the Avs are intent on being cup contenders in the next couple of years.

Am I saying that Bozak+MacArthur+Gunnarsson+2nd is the right deal for Stastny? No. It's I'm not even saying that the Leafs would be prepared to make that move. It's 2 impending UFAs and 1 guy who's a year away for a team that's in a similar position to the Leafs as far as building for the future goes. On the Toronto standpoint, getting Bozak/Gunnarsson locked up long term should be substantially easier than Colorado trying to do it.

I'm simply saying that a deal cannot be dismissed because it's quantity, if the intention isn't to resign Stastny, and nobody is prepared to do a 1-for-1 deal to your liking.

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