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Originally Posted by jigglysquishy View Post
There is less incentive to use in hockey. Look at Gretzky. Not exactly a physical icon. Or even modern day guys like RNH aren't exactly built.

Contrast that with baseball, where strength is a massive asset to hitting.

Steroids don't improve your vision, shooting or passing.
This is really dumb. PEDs can improve your strength, your skating speed, your stamina, your recovery time for injuries and the amount of time you can train for. You can't seriously be saying that strength is not a big deal in hockey.

Originally Posted by Cruor View Post
How often are NHL players tested? Is it comparable, to say Cycling or Tennis where you have to give out your whereabouts in advance and you get systematically tested with blood and urine samples? Oddly enough I can't recall any big hockey PED scandal, only the sporadic caught player (and I don't count cocaine or cough medicine as a PED).
Cycling now has the most rigorous testing system in sports with the biological passport. Tennis has a joke testing system and there are several players who are heavily suspected of PED use (Nadal being the big example). Hockey has random tests during the season which are centered around the individual games but there are a million issues with it.

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