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Originally Posted by SprootsMasterFlex View Post
Pens fan coming in peace. Despres had an amazing game yesterday night in NY, scoring a goal and 1 assist, and playing well defensively. He's currently replacing Niskanen until he comes back from injury (2-4 weeks). I don't see the Pens trading him until Niskanen's return. If Despres continues to play like yesterday, I don't see the Pens shipping him unless they get something better than Seto. I'm not trying to downplay Seto. I really like Seto and have always been a strong supporter since he was with SJS. I just don't see Shero giving him away if he continues to play consisitently at the same level as yesterday ngith especially since a guy like Seto is struggling.

Just to give you an idea, the Pen's offense has been struggling of late and with the little amount of minutes Despres has been given, he's already produced better offensive numbers than Seto (in less games to boot).

I do see a Niskanen for Seto swap being a better fit cap-wise, age-wise, both righthanded at their positions, in terms of when they're scheduled to become UFAs...
With Brodin prefering to play the right side Niskanen doesn't really make as much sense as Despres because our weakness is at LD. People can act like it doesn't make a difference but it does. Unless of course Niskanen is an extremely rare case of a right-handed d-man who prefers the left but I'm not sure theres many of those in pro hockey.

Originally Posted by Minnesota View Post
Trading Scandella for Despres seems redundant.
It wouldn't make sense IMO, but its not really redundant. They offer different skill-sets.

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I'm feeling less and less of a need to trade for a top four defenseman.



I would like to trade Seto for maybe a bigger forward who can make some room for his linemates, or a nice draft pick and call up Coyle.
The 2nd line did look a little better against Chicago. An issue with trying to trade Setoguchi for an upgrade is most teams that would "sell" would rather have an asset with some years of control, Seto's a UFA after next season. And he's showing that he's a 2/3 liner and not the potential consistent 30-goal scorer some may thought he was after his first couple years in the league. I also don't see Yeo getting behind putting 2 rookies on his 2nd line, though Granlund could be playing his way into a demotion.

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I think Scandy's right on track.

He should never have been called up and playing so many NHL games the last two years. Should have been in Houston pretty much the whole time. I'd like to see him stay down in Houston, get top minutes, and then get a 1-2 year contract and try to make the team out of camp next year.

This "he could be a #2 defenseman" and then call up, send down, injury, call up, send down, injury business is bunk. Let him play 25 minutes a night in Houston and then he can come up next year. He's only 22 (turning 23 soon).
Scandella probably should've played all of last year in the NHL, just he was forced into too large a role and when he started to struggle he lost confidence. He was solid down the stretch last year though, and with our LD being weak he should be in the top-4 when we're healthy and don't have to keep Stoner away from Falk because only one of them will be in the line-up.

Originally Posted by nickschultzfan View Post
Offensive forwards for the 2nd line are my main trade focus right now. I was comfortable with our blueline before the season and I'm even more comfortable now with Brodin stepping into the NHL, Stoner and Falk playing well, and Scandella coming back from injury.
I wasn't too concerned with our defense because Scandella-Gilbert was shutting opponents down at the end of last year and Spurgeon was our best d-man last year. Add Suter to that and it was a respectable top-4. Now with Brodin playing well its even deeper.

Originally Posted by DeuceMN View Post
With the way Brodin has stepped in, I am definately less concerned about our blue line than I was at the start of hte season. Once Spurg gets back, our top 4 will be pretty respectable.

I have been trying to figure out a solution to our second line, because right

I really don't think Granlund is ready for the C role, and who knows, maybe he will just make a better winger in the nhl.

Ideally I would have Granlund moved to wing, and for us to have a big, mean, and skilled C(Getzlaf...oooh yeah....). The other wing, ideally, would be someone who could go to the net better than Butch, even though I really like Butch... Two perimeter players is not a good balance for the second line.

Anyways, we're trying to balance our team better, so those are my thoughts. If anyone has any players in mind that could be realistic, I would love to hear your thoughts.

At the very least we all seem to agree that the second line kind of sucks and could use a tuneup.
I wouldn't want to give up the assets required to land Getzlaf, and don't see us being able to give him a long-term contract after this season. So he'd be a rental costing 2-3 high-end assets assuming Anaheim was willing to move him. Not interested.

The issue with any trade right now is everyone knows its a 48 game season and no one's quitting yet. Hard to make deals when no one's selling. Even harder when you're looking to upgrade from an unimpressive, underperforming forward for a better one.

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