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About Yourself
Name: Scott
Age: 16
Location: Newfoundland, Canada
Origin of Screen Name: Agally is a beauty....

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 13
Current Team:
Current League:
Highest Level Played:
Current Level:
Position: D
Type of Player: Aggressive Offensive Defenseman
Player You Emulate: Stevens

Current Gear
Helmet: Bauer 9900
Shoulders: Bauer 150
Elbows: Bauer 150
Shins: Warrior Swagger
Gloves: Bauer APX
Skates: Bauer 3.0x LE
Stick: Easton S19

Hobbies: Hockey
Movies: Miracle
Music: Country
Food: Doritos
Drinks: Gatorade
Hockey Team: Habs
Hockey Player: Stevens, Stamkos, Sakic

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