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Originally Posted by loudi94 View Post
48 game season. If Chara breaks his hand or hurts his shoulder in a fight, the Bruins chance of success this season is over. Risk vs. reward. Thornton's spot on the team is contingent on his ability to be the guy that answers the bell. He can also play a bit but not enough to justify his spot unless he brings the toughness to the table. If Chara has to fight his battle, then he's not worth a roster spot. Scott vs Chara is a no win situation for Boston.
Let's see, here are some guys Chara fought last year

Jay Harrison
Robyn Regehr
Jody Shelley
Chris Neil

The year before that

Chris Neil

The year before that

Mike Rupp

The year before that

Chris Thorburn
Boris Valabik
Evgeny Artyukhin

The year before that

David Koci
Guillaume Latendresse
Georges Laraque
Donald Brashear

So, big Chara is no shrinking violet. He has fought a bit for a star player and his fight card is strong for a star player. Also I think the Bruins made the playoffs a few times during those years and even won a Stanley Cup - I think? I'd have to check the box scores but I'll even bet the Bruins won a game or two on those nights when Chara fought. There are some true scrubs on that list and also guys that could have hurt him too. He lived, the Bruins were successful - what's the problem?

It's not really a big deal whether he did or did not fight last night. As his fights over the years have shown, he's willing to step up and take on some legit tough guys when the situation is right. What happened last night, whatever, it was one game that did not go their way. It would have been fine and probably beneficial if the Bruins, including Chara, had amped up the intensity and responded with some truculence of their own last night. I would say it would have been a good time for him to do that but I'm not going to crucify him for not doing it.

But I wish the nannying of Chara in this thread would stop. He doesn't need it. The Bruins market themselves with a certain image and style of play. The roster is built around a certain attitude and style of play. Last night, they did not really deliver. It's not the end of the world but let's see what happens in subsequent games and whether they push themselves more to execute on that part of their identity. I don't like this have-it-both-ways talk. Celebrate when they are aggressive and dominate but downplay it when they are on the receiving end.

Lastly, it just would have been nice for somebody to respond on Thornton's behalf as he has done countless times for many of them. It would be interesting to compare the discussion following this incident with the discussion in Buffalo that followed the Lucic-Miller incident. Because I'll bet there are a lot of similarities.

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