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02-01-2013, 06:05 PM
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Originally Posted by glenbuis View Post
So i do not get an answer to my question regarding the valu of Desharnais. He played his first full season when he was 26. I would like you or someone to give me a team who would be interested and what would they have to give up. Then we will touch on Subban for Petry and a first.
It is difficult to gauge DD's value because he scored 60 points in his first full season, but that season was at age 26. DD's lack of size also goes against him. However, his value is far more than a throw in for a deal that is not enough to get Subban. DD would easily fetch a 2nd from a team in need of a small, heart and soul, point producing center. However, Montreal should not trade him for that little due to the reasons why other teams might offer that amount for him. Give DD another season where he produces at the same pace as last season and offers will increase. Right now we will not get good enough value for him. Apparently not even from Habs fans for crap's sake...

No need to touch on Subban for Petry and a 1st...especially since Oiler fans have already offered more than that! Try to remember that numbers and stats are not the only things that matter when evaluating talent. Even McGuire looks at Subban and gauges his value as double a guy like DelZotto! Subban is far better than a lot of people realize due to some of the idiocy being tossed around about his supposed character issues. My only fear is that Therrien is an idiot and will try to "show Subban who is boss" and will ruin him in Montreal. Some of the stupid crap Therrien spewed while on l'antichambre was exactly why I worried about him being our coach. Seeing him "ban" the Subban/Price victory celebration has me even more worried.

So, no need to touch on Subban for Petry and a 1st. The answer is a simple "no thanks".

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