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Originally Posted by MarkhamNHL View Post
400 million sounds about right to me... a second TO team will be guaranteed top 5 in revenues. why do you think the NHL blocked Balsillie from trying to move a team to Hamilton ?

he told the judge "league opportunities"... read as follows...

- expansion fees are not part of HRR.. so don't need to split with PA
- every owner gets a cut of the pie, relocation not so
- TO2 expansion value is worth minimum twice any other city in NA.
Double the Maple Leafs' revenue seems like a good number for a team with no players, no front office, and no employees? I can see 400 Mil (or so) total for the team:
100m expansion fee, 75m to the Leafs, 25m to the Sabres, 100 mil for the arena, and 100m for players/ employees.

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