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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
The music just works...
Gotta love it. Ovy meets Benny Hill.

Originally Posted by Big McLargehuge View Post
Brooklyn is going to be the Islanders' full-time home at 14,500 seats. That's only allowed because they're the Islanders and a.) the NHL doesn't want to lose them in that market and b.) they have an owner who is fiercely loyal to the market

Quebec is getting a team. If it's the Coyotes or an expansion team remains to be seen, but their arena is being built as we speak. With the owners likely wanting expansion and the Coyotes floating face first in the duck pond like some sort of lame duck it will happen. ...
Nice post Swanson. I tend to agree the stars are aligning for a return to Canada, but not sure Seattle will get a team anytime soon, if there's no defined ownership group and they're still stuck in Key Arena for now (which I recall many people said was a **** venue not only because of the number of seats but because even when you cram a rink in there the arrangement of the seats / views from many seats is really poor?). Maybe in a few years that will heat up when an arena deal is in place, but the next two teams have two arena options that are already sure things (Markham and QC)... if what you say comes to pass I think Seattle will be the third team.

Since everyone is saying FLA has a great arena lease deal (yet can't put butts in the seats at $7 each), wonder if they'll get passed over. Besides them and PHX I don't see who would get relocated. TB? Not sure what their situation is these days but it has to be better than Florida's by a decent margin. More competitive, more recently successful, more ticket sales last I checked...

You think the next two after PHX will be true expansion teams? I don't like the idea of further diluting league talent that way but not sure what else could happen if FLA and TB stay put.

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