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Originally Posted by Jersey Fresh View Post
LOL at Sasso. Like clockwork when Henrique and Couturier are mentioned. Hilarious.

I'll just copy and paste half of what I said the last time he whined about Henrique and then refused to respond.

He was "AWFUL" in the AHL for 16 games. With 5 goals.

Older than Couturier in a similar way to Matt Read, right boss?

Gets me every time.

Why did Henrique have less points than Parise and Kovalchuk? Really? You need this explained to you (again)? Because they are two scoring stars and Henrique was a rookie who barely played on the power play. He was a perfect complement to the two of them. He earned his way there and never left because there was never a reason to. Scored his way right to the Cup Final while Couturier got some quality time with his xbox.

I especially love harping on Henrique's age and then bringing up Matt Read immediately after (again). Makes me laugh every time you do it.

Henrique has undoubted 65 point upside at center ice with excellent defensive and penalty kill abilities. It's a toss up between him and Couturier, but the blind infatuation is just hilarious. You can't even coherently bash Henrique. Bravo.

And again, lol at "least accomplished of the 4". Brayden Schenn by a country freaking mile.

Oh, and Larsson has the highest potential of all four.
i dont think anything u just said couldve been put more perfectly. they all help show just how foolish his arguements really are.

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