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07-02-2006, 12:02 AM
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Calm down people.

It's only day one.. How can people panic and say that our division rivals are getting better ? Com'on.. the Sens got Martin Gerber and Joe Corvo ! WOW, big deal. It's the same guy that lost his job because we killed him during the series. The Bruins have added Chara and Savard, but IMO they are both extremely overrated. No way in hell I would have given Chara, 7.5 and Savard, 5M for YEARS to come. It does make them a better team though but those huge contracts might bite them back in the future. Even with those two huge signatures, they are still far from being considered contenders at this point.

There are some useful players out there with the ability to improve our team that might come cheap. I'm talking about veterans like Shanahan or Roenick. Yes they are old, but they won't ask for large contracts in terms of money and lenght. Even at their age, they can still bring many things on the table.

Roenick looks more focused than ever, he wants to win and has clearly stated he wanted to play for a Canadian team. I wouldn't mind having him in a Habs jersey for a cheap price. He has to ability to come back strong and produce next season kind of like what Selanne did last season.

On the other hand, Shanahan can still score huge goals. He proved it last year scoring 40 goals. How many 40 goals scorer do we have on our team right now ? He'd bring an immediate impact and what I like about Shanny, is that he knows how hockey is played both in the offensive and defensive zone. He adds leadership, experience and size; even though he's not using it as effectively as in his earlier days, he's still a warrior. He's strong mentally and that is what we need to mentor our less experienced players. IMO, one of the key reason that we loss against Carolina was our lack of experience/leadership. We had no veterans like Brind'Amour on our team to motive our team.

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