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Originally Posted by HugoSimon View Post
Do what they proposed only moving phoenix into the northeast, and columbus in the atlantic.

Take the top four from each division a spot in the play offs.

It might seem unfair, but it's not in reality, because even if it appears the western teams are getting more chances the reality is they will still end up with one seat in the semi finals.

It's not perfectly balanced, and it never will be with us geography, however it's relatively balanced.

14 teams in a giant region versus 16 in a small.
Teams in 7-team divisions have a 14.3% chance of making the semis versus 12.5% for teams in 8-team divisions. Likewise, chances of making the playoffs are also reduced if you're in a bigger division.

For half the teams in the NHL, success or failure in any year is measured by whether they make the playoffs. Uneven chances of making the playoffs is simply unfair.

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