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07-02-2006, 04:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Hackett View Post
the habs are in a position where their season will depend largely on the development of Perezhogin, Plekanec, Ryder, Kostitsyn, Higgins and the rest of their young blood REGARDLESS of who they get in the UFA market. They could use some UFA help but they need supporter players more than prime time players if you catch my drift.

Teams like the leafs and bruins were forced to go out on the market because they know they would have a tough time improving from within (at least for this upcoming season). Montreal has realtively few UFA's than most teams so there are less moves to make, really.

Case in point, Montreal's siutation is a little different thans the teams you mentioned so I think you're being a bit unfair.
It might work out for the Habs in the long run to develop their players but the Habs need some top end talent and if Koivu misses much time to injury then the Habs are in huge trouble. But I was unfair a bit. The Leafs could implode with no forwards and Raycroft in net. They could be far worse. But unless the Habs get 90 points plus they will miss the playoffs and with the Bruins far stronger and the Sens still a great team and with Buffalo probably still a contender and other teams in the East quite strong I think the Habs are going to be hard pressed to make the playoffs. Though Atlanta looked a contender but losing Savard isn't going to help. Florida looked a contender but with no Luongo proabbly not, Tampa is a declining teams with their payroll a mess with the 3 big forwards. The Rangers are stronger, the Flyers are probably better too but Forsberg is out for at least half the season. The Devils don't look great but always come through on the ice. The Islanders are not going anywhere.

So playoff teams in the East in no order...
New Jersey
someone else.....maybe Montreal, maybe Toronto or another team. At least from what I can see right now.

Of course if Koivu is healthy all season and the Habs can get at least one or 2 great top of the line players and Huet plays like he did last season all year the Habs have a shot maybe at doing damage in the playoffs and not just making it. But that is alot of ifs, the Habs are not improved this off season and others have improved.

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