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02-01-2013, 08:41 PM
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Originally Posted by RK17 View Post
You are right in the fact that the Sedins (when playing up to their best) can bounce in a puck or two off almost any linemate. Thing is Kassian has been the better player on that line by a fair margine. The Sedin's have really been sluggish so far this season, on the powerplay and especially 5-on-5. They were challenged publicly in the media by Alain Vignault stating they could be doing much more for the team than they have been. Albeit a mild challenge without too much criticism. Fact is Vigneault has never challenged them in the media before now. Oviously they they are not meeting the coaching staffs high expectations of them right now.

So far it's been Kassian making room for the Sedin's with his large body presence in front and behind the net with the twins not taking advantage of it.

Just to throw a stat out there, between both of the Twins they have only managed to assist on 2 out Kassian's 5 goals. My opinion (which has been echoed by many Canucks fans) is that Kassian has been the best performer on that line this season. We don't need to see that stat i pointed out to realize this because we've watched him play those games.

For those Hawks fans who have not saw him play this year, like you oviously, here's a chance for you to do just that. I hope he (and the team) stays away from all the stupid retaliation stuff and puts their best foot forward tonight. Maybe you'll change your opinion then.
Don't fret, a lot of Hawk fans here will bash anyone who played in the AHL for a while that didn't put up a 1.5 ppg pace, as if to say the only measure of future NHL success should be gauged by how well players do in a goonish league.

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