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07-02-2006, 06:46 AM
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Originally Posted by kirktondan View Post
An RFA? Has that ever happened?

Memorable offer sheets have been given though.

The leafs offered ohlund a ridiculous multi million dollar contract before he even played a game in the NHL. Canucks had no choice but to match although they were intensly angered by the leafs management.

The Rangers offered Sakic a multi year $10mil/yr about 10 years ago.... needless to say, the avs matched.

Also, Fedorov was given an offer sheet by carolina about 10 years ago. This had all to do with the canes owner trying to shove it to the wings owner because of their childish feuds. It was a huge offer although I dont remember the exact figures.... wings matched it.

I'm pretty sure i'm forgetting a couple other memorable offers but the teams have always inevitably matched.

Although in the new NHL, I guess there would be times where the team cant match even if they wanted to.

Personally, I dont think the owners are going to stab each other in the back and give offer sheets or else it can lead to a long feud to feed their giant egos.

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