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02-01-2013, 09:19 PM
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Originally Posted by CamFan81 View Post
i couldn't disagree more.

The only reason his "lack of expertise" is transparent is because WE as diehard fans can see it not because he lets it out there to be known. Sure he'll admit when he's wrong, long after he's belittled and ridiculed whomever disagrees with him.
You may have a point about the sense of "transparency" being a function of a diehard's perspective, but on your second point: I think we must be listening to two different Felgers, b/c the one I listen to, for all his flaws (and there's plenty), doesn't belittle or ridicule those whom he disagrees with.

Originally Posted by CamFan81 View Post
That might be the most untrue of all your statements. He ABSOLUTELY pretends to know more than he does. Both Kessel Picks for kovalchuk rental ring a bell? Thomas 1st vezina was a fluke? You couldn't debate those points with him. (theres many man more examples)
See I just don't take those as examples of false pretenses. They're examples of stupidity perhaps, ignorance, boneheadednes, and at times, "takes" verging on the absurd (embracing it, even) for the sheer sake of provocation and ratings. His fraud consists in pushing opinions that he himself doesn't believe, not in pushing false credentials. Someone can no doubt say to me, "well one way or the other, you're admitting he's a fraud". "OK", I'd reply, "but only in that very narrow sense. And I consider that (pushing opinions one doesn't truly believe) to be more like fiction than fraud". Part of the implicit understanding between sports talk show host and listener is that the former will entertain. It's understood that, at times, that entertainment will be generated by contrarianism, playing devil's advocate, at times just plain throwing something out there to see if it sticks (or keeps people calling/listening). IMO to call Felger fraudulent is a bit like calling a novelist fraudulent for making stuff up. It misses the point of what his role is about. I don't look to Felger for substantive hockey insight. I just don't. Felger likes to talk about fights, rivalries, grudges, Julien's fourth-line infatuation, etc. Hockey as soap opera, in short (or "drama", as Artemis put it). For actual analysis of play on the ice, I look to people like Goucher, Dupont, Beers, etc. Or Canadian radio, if I want full immersion. Oh well, maybe I've just adjusted my expectations accordingly over time.

Originally Posted by CamFan81 View Post
Also, where he's most fraudulent is how he went on and on about how 98.5 was not going to ignore hockey and make fun of the fans and pull the same crap that weei did. Yet last year, during a phenomenal month of hockey in November you couldn't get more than 5 minutes of talk because of Tebow.
I agree 100% with this last point. I hated that (and other like instances).

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