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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post

So playing hard now is "acting like a baby?" Staal was playing hard with Malkin and giving him a lot of crap in front of the net. This is a serious question and not meant to be snarky or mean -- but have you played the game? When you go in front of the net or play anywhere near that net, you are going to be taking shots left and right. Again, this happens many times in a game and in every single game played. Staal took no more liberties with a player near the net than any other defender would do.

Malkin, instead of just engaging Staal (fighting or giving him back the same he was getting) chose to escalate the situation by slashing him in the head.

You really just want to bash the Penguins relentlessly do you? What Staal did was a punk move. Malkin was trying to swing at the puck near Lundqvist. Ever played hockey before? It's called PLAYING TO THE WHISTLE. Staal seemed to forget that (as all the Rangers did that night), and thought it appropriate to slash and crosscheck Malkin to the ground. When Malkin fell, his stick came up and hit Staal.

So you see, Malkin escalated nothing. It was all Staal acting like a big baby.

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