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Umm...rather not fair to only look at the last two years considering DD has ONLY been in the league for 1.5 years.

2005/06: final 19 games + 6 in playoffs + 11 in the beginning of 2006/07 = 31 games or 37 games if you include playoffs.
2006/07: 14 games
2008/09: final 13 games + 4 in playoffs + 2 in the beginning of 2009/10 = 15 or 19 depending on if you count playoffs.
2009/10: final 13 games + 2 in the beginning of 2010/2011 = 15 games.

Now I think we can all say the Plek deserves to be in the Habs and has accounted pretty well over his career but if you are going to harp on DD about his current slump in his 2nd full year in the NHL, then you should also remember that Pleks had his own slumps

Originally Posted by thebinne4pres View Post
Pleky longest streak without scoring in the last two years.....8 games.
No no, the assist still mean something, sucked at that too though!

Twist this anyway you want but:

DD never been good on PP (Worst PP last season and he's slowly loosing his spot this year).

He can't play on the PK, never was.

So his games is basically 5 on 5
But he only had 3 passes in the last 17 games at 5 on 5
And 15 of those was with Pacioretty and Cole

So where do we go from here???
Edit: Just realized that the last game on 2005/06 Plek scored so technically he had 19 games without a goal, followed by the one goal then followed by 17 games (6 playoffs and beginning of 2006/07) without a goal.

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