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07-02-2006, 08:52 AM
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Originally Posted by whitesnake View Post
True. Getting Arnott is more probable than Shanny. And I do consider Arnott, even with his flaws, to be a huge improvement over Ribs. But I'm still beginning to think that with all that great connection between Gainey, Carbo and Arnott than this would've been done as of now. Does suddenly Arnott becomes interesting for tons of other teams that weren't succesful on the first day. Would the ''connection'' be sufficient enough to bring him here. I'm beginning to doubt it. But agaiin if he ends up in TO, you know we will see some people with ''anyway, he's not that good....''

I just wonder what his Gainey's strategy as far as d-men are concerned. Are we going to lose our top 3 and then sign some d-men next year? He doesn't do anything 'cause he believes he'll be able to sign all of those 3, though you know Souray will be gone. Is he thinking trades as far as those guys are concerned. I'm more concerned about our d-men situation than of our forwards 'cause I have tons of confidence in our rookies up front.
I wish I had as much confidence in our offense as you seem to have. I see the same offense who can't score regularly. I see the same offense that needs help. that offense needs more offensive help and needs to be bigger and tougher.
I have confidence in our D's play, but like you mention we stand to lose our top 3 after next season. I hope Gainey is thinking ahead.

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