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02-01-2013, 09:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Avs44 View Post
So basically you're playing the pity card? I'm sorry, that is ridiculous. There is no double standard here. Look no further than this thread here:

Could you perhaps provide links to these other offers from other teams that are equivalent to offers from Leafs that Avs fans liked?

I agree. What the Leafs view as expendable or if it fills the Leafs needs should be irrelevant to the Avs. We only really care about our own team. If we trade Stastny as of right now, we have a huge hole in our lineup. Our center depth would look like Duchene, ???, Mitchell. That is a huge hole there. Would someone like Bozak fill that? Not really, sorry. Duchene, Bozak, Mitchell down the middle is pretty bad. If we are taking that big a hit to our center depth, we better be receiving something worthwhile in return. I'm looking at the Gunnerson, MacArthur, Bozak, 2nd offer here. Could you make the case Bozak is not that big a downgrade on Stastny? Sure. If you only look at stats. Stastny had 53 points last year, Bozak had 47. However, Bozak was playing alongside one of the top snipers in the league in Kessel, and Lupul, who had a great season. Bozak had a career high 47 points, playing with two excellent players who can put the puck in the net. Before last year, his career high was 32 points. That scares me. What happens when you put him with David Jones and Jamie McGinn. That would scare me. We might think we're getting a viable 2nd line center replacement, when in fact were getting a 30 point player with the type of linemates he would have here. If you gave Stastny Kessel and Lupul, and Bozak Jones and McGinn, I don't think anyone would dare say Stastny and Bozak are even close. Lets look at the other pieces. MacArthur. I doubt the Avs will be making the playoffs this year. I just don't see it. So, why would we need an upcoming UFA MacArthur?? Sure, we could use a replacement for Downie, and if MacCarthur came cheaply, I would want him, but as a key piece in us losing Stastny? We really don't need him that badly. We can just wait until next year until Downie comes back. MacArthur is a decent piece, but not an incentive. Gunnerson I'm not exactly sure about. I know he played well last year, but before that, I certainly don't think he stood out. He is a top 4 D? Maybe. I view him as a #4 guy ideally. Would he work well with Johnson? I'm not sure. If you could provide more insight on him, that would be appreciated. From what I know, if we are trading Stastny, I would want someone better. You can say we won't get Phaneuf or someone like that, and that is fine. We CAN keep Stastny.

Now what annoys me most about what you said, is that you're basing this off the premise that Stasnty won't re-sign. I know this entire board is based off speculation, but that seems way to much speculation for my liking. So much will depend on if we want to keep Stastny or if he wants to stay here. What direction is our team going? Is O'Reilly signed? If we finish low this year, who do we draft? How well did he play this year and next year? Far to many variables to speculate that, sorry. That is like me speculating on Phil Kessel. I'm not going to do that. Lets try and keep things a tad realistic.
No pity card... just reality.

As for the rest of your post, this entire thread is predicated on O'Reilly resigning, and the likelyhood that Stastny probably won't want to resign given that the Avs would presumably be building around Duchene/O'Reilly. No other team is going to value him at a point-per-game 26-year old centre like Avs fans in this thread seem to want to do. If that's the valuation on him, he won't get traded.

The reality is, if O'Reilly returns and does so at a similar calibre to the player he was last year, while Duchene continues to develop, there's not going to be room for Paul Stastny. Of course, time will tell whether those two things happen, but as time goes on, the ability to to get immidiate help (as the OP indicated he was looking for) will likely diminish.

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