Thread: Proposal: Call Up Sproul to the NHL
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02-01-2013, 09:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Hakan2Holland View Post
Now, before you all blow a gasket and tell me how ridiculous this proposal is, think about it. Take a look at our team and what their weaknesses are. I realize Sproul's defensive game is far from NHL ready, but given his toolset I think, outside of trading for a top defenseman, he can provide the biggest positive impact to the team (the powerplay in particular). As long as his defensive inefficiencies can be hidden to some degree on the third unit and he can be utilized as a powerplay specialist.

He's big, right-handed, and has an absolute rocket of a shot (easily NHL caliber). He also loves to shoot the puck and, while it's a junior league, is absolutely dominant on the powerplay.

Then there is the immediate impact Hamilton is providing for Boston (who has very similar numbers, is a similar age, etc.). Even though Hamilton is a far higher pick, and has a more rounded game, I think Sproul is the kind of player who can handle being called up the NHL at a young age. Just my opinion.

In the end I highly doubt it will happen as it clearly isn't the Wing's style. But I think it would be a big success if they were to give him a shot.

Of course, there may be other reasons that I'm overlooking as to why this will not happen (contract status, contract cost implications, RFA status, etcetera). Just a thought I had, curious what you guys think...
That's where the thread should've ended.

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