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02-01-2013, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by lucicfist View Post
Not trying to turn this in a flame warm. Why is it okay for fans of the Leafs to criticize the horror show the Leaf orginization has been going on in my honest opinion 12 plus years and when a local kid raised in Leaf nation who has viewed it and discussed it with many kids thru out the OHL who grew up as Leaf fans. when he states his own personal opinion that he is glad to be a Bruin and not a Leaf, that hate is sent his way.

Leaf nation is so starved to find genuine youth talent they hold Kadri and there prospects to such a high level far to early that it has been detrimental to there development. If I was a die hard Leaf fan and my kid was highly ranked going into a draft in the current environment in Leaf Nation, I would not want him there for his own long term well being.
Yeah, I mean look at the Leafs...they totally ruined Kadri.

He was on a track to become the next Gretzky and now he is just a fat lazy player with a terrible body fat%.

It's a shame that the Leaf fans ruin their prospects.

I'm actually glad we don't have Hamilton then, we don't need players who don't want to be here. Even if the Leafs went 0-48 this season they are 10x the hockey market the Bruins are. Some players might succumb to the pressure...others like Kadri prove their critics wrong.

Leaf prospects are always criticized in the media here, 24x7. Kadri could have easily let that get to him, but he didn't.

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